Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Media and World War II

Probably every conflict is fought on at least two grounds: the battlefield and the minds of the people via propaganda. The “good guys” and the “bad guys” can often both be guilty of misleading their people with distortions, exaggerations, subjectivity, inaccuracy and even fabrications, in order to receive support and a sense of legitimacy.

When World War II started, some nations were ready for war and some were not. All nations had to use propaganda, media used to influence opinion, in order to get population ready for war. Germany, Japan, and the United States all used different themes of propaganda.

The Government used its influence over radio, newsreel and the print media during World War II (1939–45), in an attempt to control the way in which the war was reported. Information was carefully used by the media as a tool for managing public opinion and boosting morale.

The media was the major source of information during the Second World War. News about the war was generally received from such sources as radio, newspapers, magazines, and newsreels.
These media were also responsible for selling Hitler to the American public. In a way, they acted as propaganda for stirring up American support for the war effort in Europe. The news presentations of Hitler, particularly after the start of World War II, usually showed him as a threat to world peace. The clear message was that Hitler needed to be stopped in order for democracy and freedom to be preserved.

Even propaganda in the U.S. with Uncle Sam posters, and the importance of defending your country helped keep military recruitments up and a high trust in the government. The media also didn't show Roosevelt in his wheel chair due to polio. This kept his strong look as a defender of the US and strong commander in chief. Propaganda was the sole reason that made Hitler so powerful.


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