Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Methods of Research

All methods of research can be classified as;
1) Quantitative Research
2) Qualitative Research

Quantitative Methods:-

Many studies concentrate on numbers. In such studies, observations are expressed in numerical terms. Quantitative research is basically explanatory in nature and mostly involves experiments. Such studies attempt to use precise statistical models to achieve comprehensive understanding of communication behavior and phenomena.
The best examples are surveys and opinion polls. In such studies statistical methods and numerical data are used as a means to an end.

Qualitative Methods:-
Here the emphasis is not on numerical data. Rather these methods depend on description and interpretation of meanings of communication messages by way of subjective treatment. Instead of going for large number of examples, qualitative research concentrates on individual examples.
Qualitative research does not try to find patterns. It makes intensive inquiries about single events, individuals and social or communication units.

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