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Positive and Negative Effects of Advertising

Positive Effects:-The positive side of advertising is that it makes you aware that a product or service is available. New and improved products are developed all the time and we can't be expected to keep track of these developments ourselves. So its manufacturer helps us in our lack of awareness and tells us: "Our new and improved product is now even better! Go out and buy it!".

The ad will tell us in a variety of ways that it is any or all of the following:

• better than the competitor's product
• cheaper than the competitor's product
• easier to use than the competitor's product
• has more prestige value than any similar product
• lasts longer the competitor's product
• it's made of superior parts or ingredients
• it's healthier for you
• it's wholly organic
• it's stronger, faster acting, larger, shorter etc. etc. and so forth.

So we are grateful for advertisements because they keep us up to date on the improvement of existing products and the creation of new ones.

Negative Effects:-The negative side of an ad is that it is not usually a neutral and objective statement. The ad is made by the product's manufacturer and that already tells us that it will never be objective. According to the box every product is the best after all.
No one can deny that an unbelievable quantity of bad products are for sale. Depending on the power of the manufacturer it can be blatantly obvious that we are dealing with a bad or substandard product.

In retrospect, after the sale in other words, we can find out that the ad failed to let us know any or all of the following:• it's made of substandard materials
• it tastes bad
• it's badly made
• it's made from leftovers and rejected materials
• it's made by someone undergoing forced labor
• it's far too expensive and should cost 10% of what it does because it is made much much cheaper somewhere else
• it could be dangerous to your children
• it's made up of animal byproducts
• they are destroying a rain forest to produce it
• it would kill any insect better than any spray if you would feed it to them instead of eating it yourself

The list is quite endless once you get going the reality of it is quite depressing. The only thing we can do is learn from our failures, i.e., never buy a product or anything else manufactured by that company, or use that service again, until we are absolutely sure it is now really worth our hard earned money and time.

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Jhon on 19 February, 2010 said...

Advertisement plays most important role in human life. Advertising means indirectly communication between viewers, readers or listeners to take some action for that product or service and how that product or service could benefit the consumer and also influence that customer to take some action like purchase that product or service. Every Advertisement makes some physiological impact on viewers those who are watching a particular ad. There are Negative effects of advertising and also positive effects on human life.

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