Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brand Image & Marketing Mix

Brand Image:-
The total impression created in the mind of a potential consumer by a brand and all its functional and emotional associations. The total image can be seen as the sum of several images such as the product, user, occasion, service and personality images.
The brand image is the impression that consumers have about a particular brand of good or service. The stronger the brand image the more inelastic the demand for the product is likely to be. Firms aim to develop the brand image by stressing the qualities that makes their good or service stand out from their rivals.

Marketing Mix:-The marketing mix is the balance of marketing techniques required for selling the product. It's components are often known as the four P's. The first is PRICE - the price of the product. The second is PRODUCT - the nature of the product itself. The third is PROMOTION - the promotional methods used to sell the product and the fourth is PLACE - the distribution of the product.


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