Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Various Parts of a Press Release

Release Time: - This line graces the top of nearly every press release distributed to the media. It tells the journalist or editor receiving it when the information in the release can be made public. Most often, that line will read FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.

Contact Info: - At a bare minimum, every press release should include the full name of the appropriate media contact person, their phone number, and their email address.

Headline: - The headline is like a title. It needs to convey your general news and grab the interest of the reader right away.

Subheading / Summary: - Generally, there's no need to have both a subheading and a summary, so choose the best option for your press release and distribution model.

Dateline: - The dateline will include the date the release is being distributed, as well as the hometown or nearest metropolitan area of the company or individual presenting the news to the media.

Opening Paragraph:- The opening or lead paragraph should start on the same line as the press release's dateline, and expands upon the headline by answering the following questions briefly: who?, what?, when?, where?, and why?

News Release Body: - The body of your news release expands upon the news being presented by offering supporting details, statistics, or background information.

Call to Action: - If you want members of the media to take any specific action, you'll mention that at the end of the press release. This is very often just a line such as "For more information about CompanyABC or this particular news story, please contact Contact's Name at contact's phone number."

Closing: - You need to let editors and/or journalists know when your release is finished, so they don't assume that there's another page or addenda attached. There are a few different symbols you can use to close a press release, including "###" and "-30-".

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