Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Press Laws & Media Ethics ( Copyright Act 1957)

Copyright Act (1957):- A work of literature, drama, music or art is an intellectual property. It must be protected from illegal copy or reproducing it. The copyright act accords this protection.

This act is based on to competing consideration= The creator’s property i.e. the original work needs to be protected.
= For advancement of knowledge in the interest of the society there should be some amount of the freedom to produce parts of other people copyrighted works. Copyright has been held to be a right which a person acquires in a work that is a result of his intellectual labor.

In respect of the press copyright means under section 14 of the copyright act 1957, the exclusive right in the case of a literary, dramatic or musical work, to do an authorized the doing in substantive form of any of the following acts mainly:-
1. To reproduce the work in any material form.
2. To publish the work.
3. To make any adaption of work.
4. To re-produce or publish translation of the work.

Punishment for knowingly infringing or abating infringement of a copyright is imprisonment which may extend up to one year or fine or both.

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