Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Essence of Lighting & Light Characteristics

Essence of Lighting
The most basic function of lighting is to reveal the subject. But it can do so in various ways: subtly, dramatically, frighteningly, voluptuously, humorously and more. An important part of revealing the subject has to do with separation of the planes. Photography involves “translating” the three-dimensional world into two-dimensional images, with the inevitable loss of real depth, and often, separation of objects. A major purpose of lighting is to provide the illusion of depth, volume and roundness of objects. In other words, the illusion of a third dimension.

Light Characteristics:-

Every source has six basic characteristics:-
1) Intensity
2) Quality (such as
hard or soft source)
3) Size of source (at the front where the light is emitted)
4) Color of light
5) Direction (in relation to subject and camera)
6) Distance (from subject, not camera)
These characteristics are all interrelated. For example, size and distance will influence both intensity and quality.

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