Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Different Kinds of Camera Lenses

Normal:- A normal lens shows most accurately what a normal human eye will see. 50mm is a typical normal focal length. The 50mm is the most popular and versatile lens. The quality is excellent while also being inexpensive. It is smaller and lighter, and the aperture allows photographs to be taken in low-light situations.

Telephoto:- A telephone lens brings the background closer. Longer-than-normal focal lengths such as 70mm and 300mm are typical for a telephoto lens. Since a telephoto lens will bring the subject up close, it is popular for sports photography.

Wide Angle:- A wide lens captures a wider expanse of the background than what the human eye will see. Shorter-than-normal focal lengths such as 24mm and 35 mm are typical for a wide lens. Wide lenses are popular for landscape photography and large group shots.

Other special lenses to consider include the following:-
Macro:- A macro lens's focus is closer to the subject and is used for close-up photography.

Fish-eye:- A fisheye lens uses an angle of view up to 180 degrees. The angle distorts the photograph so the four sides appear to be farther away.

Teleconverter:- A teleconverter attaches between the camera and another lens. It increases the focal length of your lens. Although teleconverters will bring the subject closer, they do not allow as much light through the lens. Thus, they need slower shutter speeds and/or a fast ISO.

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